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This is a personal project website, full of personal things and all that. I started learning html around the beginning of 2023. I honestly thought I was gonna drop it at this point, but I'm still around, kicking, and learning new things. With that in mind, this website is (and probably will be) under construction all the time. Especially when it comes to aesthetics, I can never decide how I want things to look.

I do most of my coding in Firefox, so it'll look best there. I've tested it in Chrome and Safari and it looks just fine there too. Be warned though that this site is NOT mobile-friendly (it probably never will be tbh).

Feel free to poke around, get inspired, get exposed to my bizarre interests and ramblings, or just chill. Hope you have fun with your time here!

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To-Do List

  • Start other reviews
  • Update/Declutter main page
  • Add photo page



Did some spring cleaning over my pages, mainly typos and stuff like that. Also learned that 123Guestbook is shutting down, so I'm removing the guestbook link until I find an alternative that is going to work better for this website.


Updated game journal, also added a new general jounral entry a while back. Did some general editing too while I'm here.


Added a new game journal for SMT: Strange Journey Redux.


I'm gonna start finally working on another review, specifically for EOSD. I just finished it again recently and I have a lot of thoughts I've been dying to share.


Finally got caught up with my Muse entries after my time away. Life's getting a bit crazy for me, so future updates may be limited for now. I'll still check in when I can, of course.


Added new Muse entry, was feeling a bit angsty today so hopefully it doesn't come off too pretentious or nihilistic


New song of the week is up. It should probably be called "song of whenever I get around to it" to be frank.


Added a game log section to my game page. I've been meaning to do that for awhile. Also reformatting a few pages within that section, specifically my review pages.


Added a new prompt answer in my writing club page.


So I joined a writing club. If you ever wanna read my prompts, you can find it in the index, just underneath my journal "Some Thoughts".


Created a new page to talk about video games. This will be replacing the review page, but my review are still accessible through this new setup. Also added a new song of the week.


So my shrine is pretty much done. I want to include an "Analysis" page as well as add a few more extras, but otherwise it's in a good state. I'll be cooking some more ideas soon.


I've been making ample progress on the new shrine, though it isn't quite done yet. Not sure how much longer it'll take me but hopefully it'll be in a good state of completion soon. I also added a new song of the week too.


Next shrine I'm working on is for one of my favorite movies ever, An American Werewolf in London. I'm super excited to work on it and share what I love about this film.


Added some new clothes in the closet, as well as added a new song of the week. I also updated the PC-98 shrine, which is mostly me adding some helpful links for those looking to find games to play.


Added a new song of the week!


Happy (belated) Holidays! I added a new journal update talking about my break so far, if you're curious to read about it.


Added the first Song of the Week since, well, a few weeks ago. I'm also making some edits to the page, as I want to make it less like a "I Love Music" page and more of an informal portfolio of sorts. It'll be mostly aesthetic changes, but I did remove some more general music pages I had.


So I didn't realize that the code linking to the latest blog entry was wrong, so I fixed that. I also added a to-do list to the front of my page, mostly for my own reference. I've heard it can be helpful when you're having "creator's block", so I'm gonna see if it'll help.


Hi! New journal entry is up now.


Updated my journal, as well as the song of the week. Since I'm finally on break, I may have some time to do some cleaning/updating of some things around here the next couple of days.


Sorry for the radio silence. I've been pretty burnt out recently and have not had a lot of time to make any major progress on anything regarding this website.

In other news, I made a Spacehey, as it seems like something the cool kids of Neocities have. I'm not sure how much I'll use it, but there's a link to my profile on the side if you want to friend me or what have you.


Added some more of my own music to the page, something I've been meaning to do for a while. Also added a new song of the week too. I hope to get some more drive to regularly update the website again, but we'll see.


Added new song of the week! I'm geeking over electonic women composers again.


Added some new clothes to the closet, as well as a new journal entry. Just doing what I need to do to relax a minute


New song of the week up now!


Hi! I put up a short journal entry, talking a bit about where I've been up to the past few days. I will now be going to bed.


Put up the new song of the week a day early, as this next week I won't have reliable access to my computer for a couple days. I've been brewing some ideas about fixing up my music page, more just adding more stuff to the pages I already have up. I'll do something about it at some point.


New song of the week is up now go check it out!


Added some new buttons of some new favorite websites of mine! I also did some formatting so they'd look more align on the page.


Finally finished the "Space Funeral" review. To celebrate, I put a new Song of the Week up, a song that comes from the game!


Before I run off to class, just wanted to mention that I have a new journal entry up.


My closet page felt extremely outdated, so I did something about it. It's more organized and just overall looks better now!


Forgot to add an update yesterday whoops! Added a new song of the week, I'm aware it's early but I really wanted to change it so here it is. The "Space Funeral" review is close to being done, may work on it more today. If not, very soon for sure.


Added a new song of the week. Catbox (the new place I've been storing some files) is acting funky, so you may need to give it time to go give it a listen.

I've also been slowly working on my "Space Funeral" review. School is ramping up big time for me right now, so I'm unsure when it'll be completed. Updates will be kind slower right now in general, I appreciate your patience during this time.


New journal entry up now.


My bad for not updating in a hot minute. I finished the review for "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream", which you'll find in the new game review section. I plan to work on "Space Funeral" next, but I'm not sure when I'll get started on that. Also added a new song of the week, sorry it got added late...


Alongside some minor updates, I've added a place to place video game reviews! As of today, none have been completed, but they will be worked on in due time.


Don't fully know if it was time to update the song of the week, but it felt like it was time so I did that lol. Also added a quite positive journal entry.


New song of the week is up. If you're a lesbian, go listen to it and feel validated.


PC-98 shrine is up! I will be working on it more for sure, but it's in a good place now to be up and running. Also have been messing around with my homepage more.


Added some new blinkies and website buttons to the index page. That's basically it lmao.


Posted a journal entry yesterday, updated the song of the week today.


I'm working on a PC-98 shrine. I've been wanting to do this for a while, so I'm excited to get working on it! Have absolutely no clue when it'll get done, but I'll make an announcement when it's completed.


Figured out how to do direct links and stuff for some of my bigger files, which resulted in me doing that and cancelling my subscription on Neocities (gotta save money for the real world). Also added a new journal entry.


BIG changes in this update. I reformatted this page (looks kinda the same structurally, but also not). Also changed some aesthetics up to better fit what I want. I finally added a button for my website, and included buttons for sites I think are very cool (most of them are mutuals here on neocities, but a few are just sites I follow and really like). I also updated how my about page looks, and updated what it says in there to include more information about who I am and what I like. I'm also gonna work on cleaning up some pages of typos or other mistakes/weirdness over the next few days.

I also got added to a webring! Hopefully I'll continue to grow with this community as my skills get better over time.


As you can probably tell, I've figured out some new html tricks and am now imposing them in different ways. This may create a big overhaul in how the website looks, mostly for the better. Keep an eye out for any crazy nonsense I end up doing.


Added the new song of the week, it's very cool.


Just learned what the pseudo-class :target is, so I used it to clean up some pages that had a lot of html bloat (mainly the music page and EarthBound shrine). Currently unknown if I'll incorporate it into other current pages, but I'll definitely be using it more in the future.


New song of the week is up go check it out it's a certified banger


Music page is done enough to my liking so it's up on the site now. Still got some work to do but if you wanna go check it out by all means.


Cleaned up some code a bit, progress on the music page is coming along. Also found a cool image I saved in here randomly I decided to add to the main page.


For the moment, I'm taking down the music page, as I have some good ideas for it that require serious rehauling. Don't know when it'll be back up but it will. But I did make my "not found" page look pretty fun, right?


I gotta pee really bad so I'll make this quick. Did some house cleaning with code and whatnot. Also added an intrerests page, which you can access through my about page towards the bottom. I also did add another journal entry but I can't remember when I did that lol.


Happy start to June! I added a shrines page, so I can publicly express my undying love for certain things forever trapped in my subconscious. One is currently up now, but it's in a semi-heavy state of construction. I'll of course keep updates about new shrines/new pages to shrines.


Added a guestbook for all of your guestbooking needs. Also added blinkies and some fun images to my about for all of your blinking and imaging needs.


I'm pretty much done with all the aesthetic changes(for now). Things just gotta get cleaned up a bit, and I might add a few extra things to the index page. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with how this looks! Will start revealing some new things to add to the website soon.


Started doing some of the bigger overhauls of my aesthetics. I'm making it more what I envisioned it would be, though it isn't quite where I want it yet. It'll be worked on overtime as I found more images I like. But what I've done today looks a million times more my tastes than it did previously, which is great! Still work in progress...


Started the process of overhauling how things look on here, at least from a more technical/code standpoint. It's not finished but things are coming along. Also added some 88x31 buttons because everyone loves those! I've been brewing up more ideas that may or may not be implemented. More aesthetic changes will come soonish.


Made a journal to write down some thoughts in a coherant and probably pretentious manner. I'm also realizing that some of my pages are kinda ugly or don't have matching themes, so I'll start coming up with plans to deal with that eventually.


Put some more clothes in my closet. Will make them look a little less distorted eventually.


Made an updates section (lol I promise to keep better track of things now). Also am working on a closet page to show off some clothes I think are highly swag.


Added a music page to show off my tunes.


Actually started updating the website. Added an about me page.


Made my website!

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